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About us

Your Success Is Our Goal: World-class Made in Zurich

Zurich International Business School (ZIBS) is amongst the most renowned providers of high-value seminars and tailored in-house programmes in German-speaking Europe.

Our offerings are aimed at all those, who bear today or will bear tomorrow responsibility within their company or organisation, and who are aware of their limitations - thus aimed at people who want to better lead and achieve real results.

The ZIBS is a purely privately led business school and is part of the Advanced Management Development & Consulting Group (AMDCG AG). Like only a handful of other renowned continuing education institutions, we are 100% self-financed - an important performance indicator in today’s educational landscape: this abstention from any form of subsidy or external financing grants us independence and neutrality - Swiss values, which are respected worldwide and held to be exemplary.

Whoever has the expectation to teach successful management to his clients should himself be the best example. At the ZIBS, stiff competition, strategic thinking, successful implementation, raising EBIT, holistic management, and leadership are not just buzzwords, rather extant reality –- reaffirmed every day. Performance and customer satisfaction are for our researchers, instructors, and the entire executive board a given. This particular corporate culture allows the ZIBS to furnish you professionally with expert knowledge at your high level.

Relevant Topics, Current Management and Leadership Knowledge

With headquarters in Zurich, the international business and knowledge centre of Switzerland, ZIBS is focused on practice-oriented seminars, innovative in-house workshops, and results-oriented consulting projects. We offer you a comprehensive and carefully researched spectrum of topics, a professional organisation, and a pleasant and exclusive atmosphere. And all this, all over the globe. Holistic and current management understanding based on global knowledge with practical-relevance along with innovative and interactive teaching methods, international instructors with great customer satisfaction, and participants in the midst of their careers, have made us stand apart from the masses, allowing us become part of a small worldwide circle of leading non-academic and independent business schools.

Real-World Practices, Implementation and Results

Our focus lies in reality and practical application of all our contents. Our core competence lies in the communication of knowledge, ideas, and skills. In addition, we offer a great deal of space for exchanging opinions and making contacts. In doing so, our professional organisation ensures a pleasant and purposeful atmosphere.

Vision, Mission, and Values

In order to come closer to our vision, “Better leaders for a better world”, we strive to encompass management knowledge in its entirety, to present it worldwide to managers in a practical manner, and to achieve the same excellence with the knowledge we share with you. In doing so, the following values guide us: the highest demands on quality, fair partnerships, transparency, accepting and encouraging competition, intercultural competence, and pragmatism.

Management & Board

Helmut BÄHR

Wolfgang BIERER


Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Jochen R. W. GEIS

Prof. Dr. Horst GESCHKA

Prof. Christian GÜNDLING

Gerald HÜSCH


Prof. Dr. Waldemar PFÖRTSCH

Prof. Dr. Siegfried POSSELT

Prof. Dr. Mario RAICH

Prof. Dr. Arnold WEISSMAN

Instructors, Consultants and Professors

In order that attending our one of our executive education events translates into your personal success, we have set the bar especially high when selecting our instructors and consultants. They are our “business cards”; they are the partners with whom our participants and clients have direct contact at an event.

The Zurich International Business School currently employs an interdisciplinary team of around 50 instructors, consultants, coaches, and professors. All of them have an academic education, are internationally seasoned, and have demonstrated success as managers, consultants, or board members of renowned companies. Hence, you will profit from a unique combination of interdisciplinary and up-to-date scientific know-how, broad practical experience, and strong teaching ability.

The Direction, the Business Advisory Board, and the Research Advisory Board perform, according to a refined set of criteria, the annual resource planning for the instructors of our numerous seminars, workshops, and projects: practical experience, languages, thematic foci, expertise, special abilities, teacher preferences, and client desire are all elements that are respected during this allocation. As in other industries, so too is there in executive education and consulting a continual evaluation of the conditions for a stable and high degree of quality and superior customer satisfaction. This is why the executive board systematically analyses all the evaluations gathered from our participants and customers. Our collaborators receive detailed feedback about both positive and negative aspects. Should certain areas for improvement become apparent, our instructors and consultants themselves are offered continuing education. Even individualized coaching discussions are part of the intensive contact that management displays with our “most valuable good” -- our top instructors.


Normally you would find here a more or less comprehensive list of famous or less well-known companies. Even we could display such a list with the names and logos of multinationals, DAX®, Fortune Global 500 members, “hidden champions”, small to midsized companies, or even family companies. But what would the benefit be for you?

Please trust in our decades-long experience in the most diverse industries and regions. Let’s discuss your concrete executive education needs. We will then show you our specific experiences, present you with our project leads and instructors, and give you detailed references from our satisfied customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us --- we’d love to discuss your needs!