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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

There is no (in)famous “fine print” with us! Most general terms and conditions attempt to “fix” the relation between customer and supplier. Most of the time, one party ends up on the safe side of the transaction and moves the commercial balance in his favour. We’re old fashioned in this respect; here both the principles of honourable business people and the spoken word are valid.

Our Conditions

We place very few “conditions” on our clients:

Your Registration

Registrations by the contracting party are binding. The Zurich International Business School (ZIBS) then has the right to accept the order within two weeks by issuing an order confirmation via e-mail, mail, or fax. Upon receiving the order or registration confirmation, the contract between ZIBS and the contracting party comes into being.
Course fee must be paid in CHF or equivalent in EUR/ USD/ YEN.
Training location and content is subject to change at any time.

Seminar Cancellation by ZIBS

The ZIBS reserves the right to cancel the seminar chosen by the participant up to 2 weeks in advance, or annul the contract if the seminar cannot be held due to an insufficient number of participants. The same is valid if the trainer/event coordinator is indisposed for some important reason. Any additional claims by the participant are void.

Seminar Cancellation by the Participant

If the participant cancels:

  • less than 50 days before seminar begin, 100% of the seminar fee is due;
  • 100 to 50 days before seminar begin, 50% of the seminar fee is due;
  • over 100 days before scheduled seminar start, 25% of the seminar fee is due.

At the participant’s expense and upon availability, we try our best to allow rescheduling and/or an alternate to participate.

Fees, Terms of Settlement, and Interest

  • Seminar fees can be paid in Swiss francs or euros at the current exchange rate.
  • First payment reminder by e-mail is free. Each reminder after the first is EUR 50.00/CHF 75.00.
  • Interest on amount overdue is 7.5% a.p.r.
  • Price changes on this website invalidate previous prices.
  • Changes, print errors and mistakes are reserved.

Don’t Poach Our Collaborators and Instructors!

At our events you get to know our most valuable “commodity”: our collaborators! If you would like to plan further projects with our instructors, please contact the ZIBS head office directly.
If there actually should be a dispute, the Canton of Zurich has jurisdiction.

Demands and Expectations

As our customer you are allowed to place any number of demands and expectations on us - we always try our best for you.

But even we are not infallible. Although very seldom, you, our client, may have a problem with our service at some point in the future. Please give us an opportunity to fix the problem quickly and professionally. In the end, we would like to have gained you and your employees as a reference.

We have an excellent reputation and we’ll continually defend it - we promise!