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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I attend a seminar?

For years, we have been a stalwart of first-class executive education: both for current and tested management knowledge in a practical form taught by excellent instructors. At the centre of those efforts, has been our holistic perspective based on current and tested business models from Europe, the United States, and Asia.

How can I register for a seminar?

We accept any form of written registration (registration form, fax, letter, e-mail, or via that provides the following information:

  • Seminar title or seminar code
  • First and last name of the participant
  • Complete contact information including e-mail and telephone number
  • Billing contact information (if different than registration contact information)

Each registration is confirmed by us in writing. We expressly reserve the right to cancel or change the date and/or location up to 14 days before the seminar should begin.

Before booking any travel (flight, train, etc.) to the seminar location that cannot be changed or cancelled without cost, let us confirm to you in writing that the seminar will indeed take place. We are not liable for any cancellation or ticket change fees.

Why don’t you offer any diplomas, master’s degrees, or study courses?

Unfortunately there are still a number of private providers who peddle “study courses” with a diploma, master’s degree, or MBA title. Here the greatest caution is advised; lots of money can be spent on useless “titles”.

Rule of thumb: Only serious and academic providers can issue internationally recognised degrees. Everything else is unfortunately often a grey zone or downright misleading for customers.

Please really inform yourself with the relevant authority before registering for a course of study. Have both the authorities and the provider confirm recognition of the title in writing.

What happens when I cannot attend a seminar?

Unlike industrial goods, services “expire” immediately and irrevocably as soon as they have been conducted. That is why we count on you to attend your booked seminar. Only so, can we conduct seminars in the best interest of the other customers and in small group sizes. The precise cancellation terms can be found under “Administrative Notes” and in the general terms and conditions.

This is why we recommend that you procure insurance with your insurance company that covers any cancellation costs should you fall ill or there be an unforeseen event.
In addition, any additional damages in relation with attending the seminar, whether direct or indirect, be it an accident, sickness, civil liability, theft, cancellation by the event organiser, or damages arising from use of the management knowledge taught, are to be borne or insured by the participant and/or purchasing entity.

Any liability on our part is explicitly excluded. Swiss law governs the contract; the Canton of Zurich has jurisdiction.

How do I find a seminar that is best for me?

The seminar catalogue is organised along two basic principles: scope and level.

First, you should define whether you are looking for cross-disciplinary education (general management, leadership), or a function-oriented seminar (strategy, marketing, sales, finance, controlling, management, HR- management, etc.).

Second, the question becomes on which “level” the topic is pursued. Here there are three different levels: executive management, middle management, and junior management. Thus while the subject matter can nominally be the same across levels, the themes and topics covered in the seminar are pitched to the types of situations and issues typically encountered at a given level of responsibility.

If you are unsure about which executive education module to select, our hotline is standing by happy to advise you: +41 (0)44 700 0166, or send us an e-mail at: info(at)
Naturally, we can also call you back at any time most convenient for you.

Can seminars in English be attended at international locations?

Yes, because we offer a broad assortment of seminars and programmes in English. These seminars are conducted in diverse regions of the world due to their international orientation.

How long do the seminars go?

Seminars and programme segments generally run for 3 to 6 days. The first day begins at 10:00 and the last day ends by 16:00 at the latest. You’ll receive the details in your registration confirmation.

What is the difference between seminars and programmes?

Seminars are generally single-part events, while programmes consist of several parts, and thus can last for different durations.

How is seminar participation confirmed?

After attending a seminar, the participants receive a personalised seminar confirmation wherein the seminar contents are listed.

Is the seminar documentation included in the seminar fee?

At each seminar, the participants receive a seminar binder with supporting and more detailed documentation of the treated topics. These documents along with additional tools are for one’s own use, and part of which, are made available in electronic form on CD. The documents along with the CD are included in the seminar fee.

For which group size do company-specific programmes make sense?

Based on our experience, about four to six participants. For certain participants, individualised executive coaching could also be considered as a very effective development measure.

In which languages can company-specific programmes be conducted?

Normally in German and/or English. Programmes in Mandarin, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are also possible. Additional languages upon request.

What type of attire do you recommend for seminar attendance?

We recommend “business casual”, and any appropriate clothing if personal sporting activities are planned during free time.