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Finance for Managers

Strategic success alone is not enough; you’ve also got to bank your winnings. Or to say it differently: financial success is not everything, but without financial success everything is nothing. In this 4-day seminar we initiate you systematically into the art and craft of finance and accounting whilst practising its most important skills and tools.
4 Day(s)


For many the field of finance is vague and vast, something avoided. Recognizing financial and economic relationships and taking advantage of them in one’s own department, seems to be difficult for many. This doesn’t have to be. In this 4-day seminar, you will learn about key concepts and levers of finance and you will practise these; we shall give you comprehensive insight into the structure and application of financial management instruments, such as the balance sheet, statement of earnings, cost accounting, pricing, contribution margin, capital investment, and business plan. You will also learn about the most important instruments for effective controlling.

Key Benefits

  • You will understand key performance indicators, balance sheets, and learn to question them critically in a specific manner.
  • You will learn to recognize important relations in the domain of accounting and finance, and apply them in your professional environment.
  • You will gain confidence and demonstrate aplomb in evaluating investment and financing decisions.
  • You will learn how to construct a convincing business plan.
  • You will understand what effective controlling means, and how you can use it.

Target group

This 4-day seminar is aimed at management and experts from all departments who do not yet have a deep knowledge of finance, and who want to systematically expand their skills in the field of financial management and controlling.


Very good. Thank you! I enjoyed all four days with high interest in all topics.
Christine NEUBAUER, Bionorica SE
I will dream of controlling and EVA.
N. N., Böllhoff Produktion GmbH
Well suited for getting a basic understanding of accounting and controlling with a broad overview on how financial steering of a company works on modern best practice concepts!
T. O., Clariant Produkte Deutschland GmbH
Really useful.
D. S., MDL Advisers FZC
Interesting. I already have the valuation methods etc. However now I know how to steer the company with these methods.
N. N., Syngenta Crop Protection AG
Very good. I will look finance & controlling with new pair of eyes. Very well organised.
Dr. Karim BAGATÉ, Skyepharma AG
Very helpful. I liked to have two different coaches in a small group.
Jacqueline GOTTSCHALL, mgi management gmbh
Very interesting, good examples, very much appreciated.
I think this is one of the best courses. It addresses my needs as a non-finance person. Instructors were able to conceptualize the theory.
Indah ANDI-LOLO, Takeda Vaccines Pte Ltd
The training was excellent. It helped me to refresh and complement previous financial trainings of some years ago. Now I will able to understand better some aspects of my work and improve my performances.
Dr. Andrea GIRALDO, Rolic Technologies Ltd.
C. L., Mettler-Toledo AG
Intensive and useful.
N. N., Daimler AG
Very well constructed regarding content and organisation. Will probably help me a lot in the future as it is allowing to have a better understanding on the controlling of projects.
Dr. R. F., Rolic Technologies Ltd.

Areas of Focus

Financial Management in a Nutshell

  • An overview of the context and instruments
  • Current challenges and trends in financial management
  • Setting goals and goal conflicts: various approaches and perspectives of financial management

Financial and Corporate Accounting – Everything you must know

  • Tasks and contexts
  • The essential indicators for stating asset and earning position
  • The balance sheet and its reliability for decision-making
  • Cost accounting systems

Planning, Budgeting, and Business Plans

  • Purpose and uses of planning and budgeting
  • New trends in budgeting
  • Making successful business plans

Investment and Financing Decisions

  • Modern approach to capital budgeting
  • Planning and evaluating investments
  • Types of financing and financing structure

The Importance of Liquidity

  • Liquidity and liquidity optimisation
  • Working capital as a balance sheet indicator
  • Reducing capital commitment

Value-oriented Business Management

  • Cash flow control
  • Approaches to the costs of capital
  • Recognizing value-raising and profit potential
  • Company valuation

Performance and Cost Management

  • Indicator systems for corporate perfomance
  • Reliability of cost-accounting instruments in reality
  • Setting break-even points and the fixed expenses problem
  • Contribution margins

Dates and booking
Finance for Managers

Dates & Fees


  • 11. – 14.06.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)


  • 09. – 12.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
4 Day(s)
EUR 4.200,00 / CHF 4.500,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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