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Financial Management for Executives

Finance is the circulatory system of every business. Without knowledge of finance, a manager can hardly recognize the implications of decisions, give direction in his area of responsibility in a goal oriented manner. The better the knowledge of finance, the more professionally can one reach results-oriented decisions which further develop the business and its financial potential.
4 Day(s)


In Financial Management for Executives, we demonstrate how a business, department, or profit-centre should be financially managed in order to achieve sustainable and continual increases in performance and value.

In order to be successful, every manager should master the instruments and control mechanisms of financial management because it is he/she who must recognize and answer for their effects on strategies and returns.

In a comprehensive, systematic, and comprehensive format, this seminar makes clear which pertinent financial decisions should be reached from an executive perspective, and which direction and objectives should be given to controlling and the finance department.

Key Benefits

  • You will update and deepen your know-how with regard to the financial tools which you use in daily management; you will understand what benefit the various instruments have for your area of responsibility.
  • You will be in a position to consciously make central financial decisions; you will understand how better to use the interplay between strategy and finance.
  • You will know what information you need from the finance department in order to have your area of responsibilty »under control”.
  • You will learn to exploit the value-raising potential within your sphere of influence, and at the same time be able to recognize and evaluate external value-raising opportunities such as through M&A.
  • You will experience what firm internal controls designed for longterm sustainable success should look like.

Target group

This 4-day seminar is aimed at managers from the mid and upper levels of management with a basic knowledge of finance. Among these are for example, executives, entrepreneurs, members of the board, department and division heads, or specialists and experts without managerial responsibility but with comparable background experience.


Areas of Focus

Modern Financial Management

  • Current challenges and trends in financial management
  • Setting goals and conflicts between goals: various approaches and perspectives of financial management
  • What adept financial management can achieve

Financial Analysis as a Basis for Business Decisions

  • The essential indicators for stating asset and earnings positions
  • Balance sheets and balance sheet strategies
  • Pitfalls – What indicators cannot do

Planning, Budgeting, and Investment

  • New trends in budgeting
  • Complexity as the enemy of reasonable budgeting
  • Modern approaches to capital budgeting

Managing Liquidity and Working Capital

  • Liquidity and liquidity optimisation
  • Working capital as a balance sheet indicator
  • Purpose and use of working capital management
  • Reducing capital commitment

Value-oriented Business Management

  • Cash flow control
  • Approaches to the cost of capital
  • Recognizing the potential to raise value and profit

Corporate Value, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Goal-oriented business evaluation processes
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Due diligence

Dates and booking
Financial Management for Executives

Dates & Fees


  • 25. – 28.06.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)


  • 09. – 12.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
4 Day(s)
EUR 4.600,00 / CHF 4.900,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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