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It's not easy being a boss today, or it's at least harder than it used to be. It no longer suffices to simply »call the shots«. You need to persuade people. Employees set extremely strict standards as far as the quality of management, professional skills and ethical behaviour are concerned. It's only when these standards are met and achieved that employees can be motivated to achieve their very best and turn visions into reality, even in companies with flat hierarchies.

In this 4-day seminar we will be discussing the most important general management topics and instruments that are needed in order to perform the increasingly complex tasks of executive management.

Target group

Executives of the top and upper levels such as

  • Managing directors, directors, entrepreneurs
  • Responsible persons from business units, subsidiaries, product lines or important functional areas
  • Members of management and the management board
  • Executives designated for a position as CEO or a position in top management

Areas of Focus

Corporate governance in the age of globalisation, digitisation and change

  • Corporate governance facing the challenge of the controllability of complex systems
  • Audit: where does the company stand today?
  • Identifying and understanding complex systems
  • The most important questions for executives and the right answers
  • Achieving goals with other people
  • Important trends in the world of business

The core topics of effective overall governance

  • Corporate strategy and structures
  • Corporate culture and value management
  • Achieving financial targets
  • Change and sustainability
  • Execution and expertise in implementation

The business environment

  • Identifying important trends in the business environment
  • Early identification of trend reversals
  • Defining the need for action, initiating course corrections
  • Corporate culture and value management
  • Corporate governance and ethics

Strategic management

  • Strategic management – important developments
  • Strategy tools and approaches
  • Initial situation and the need for action
  • The most important strategic decisions
  • The importance of brands
  • Innovation and safeguarding the future

Communication & change

  • The executive manager as the company's representative
  • Competence in manner and message
  • Communicating values and conduct guidelines
  • The communication of change

Achieving targets with other people – leadership

  • Effective and sustainable leadership
  • Motivation theories and strategies
  • Hastening change
  • The key factor: social competence
  • Selecting and promoting the right staff
  • Expertise in implementation

Dates and booking
CEO & Senior Executive Seminar

Dates & Fees


  • 11. – 14.06.2024 Berlin (Germany)


  • 03. – 06.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
4 Day(s)
EUR 5.400,00 / CHF 5.900,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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