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Executive Management Programme (EMP)

A 8-day programme for senior management in executive positions. Essential answers to results-based management, such as general management, strategy, business development, leadership, control and finance, together with a compact update and impulses from the field.
4 + 4 Day(s)
Individualised scheduling is possible


This two-part programme for managers with overall responsibility for results, explores the issues that determine the further development of a company and where the need is given to strike a balance between short-term profit optimisation and sustainable prosperity: strategy, business development, leadership, controlling and finance.


In Part 1 we focus on strategic management. It is all about how results influence the present but also how to set the course for a successful future.
Part 2 deals with financial management and performance management. We show how ambitious financial goals are achieved thanks to skilful financial management.

Target group

  • Members of the senior management and the Executive Board
  • Entrepreneurs, shareholders, partners
  • General managers, heads of major business units
  • Heads of central units with management responsibility
  • Managers who need to prepare for a position with broad results-based responsibility

Areas of Focus

Results Oriented Management

  • Business and its environment on the move
  • Vision, mission and business objectives as guidelines
  • Controlling the company’s development
  • Leveraging to achieve results

Strategic Business Management

  • Megatrends in the economy and society
  • The most important strategic analyses
  • Modern approaches to strategy
  • Business models, value creation and business development
  • The impact of strategic decisions

Marketing and Innovation Management

  • The importance of customer focus
  • New audiences, new markets, new media
  • Steering the brand effectively
  • How successful innovation management works

Organization, Structure and Shaping Processes

  • Understanding the organization as an organism
  • Strategy-compliant structures and processes
  • Outsourcing vs. in sourcing

Leadership, Change and Implementation Skills

  • Principles of good leadership
  • Communication and leadership
  • Corporate culture and change

Financial Management and Performance Management

  • Cash flow, liquidity and analysis of the financial status
  • Value management, business valuation and M&A
  • Strategic profit management
  • Modern budgeting, intelligent investment analysis
  • How should performance be measured?

Strategic and Operational Controlling

  • Company clarity
  • Instruments for cost planning and cost reduction
  • Capital efficiency and value-oriented controlling
  • Risk management and early warnings

Dates and booking
Executive Management Programme (EMP)

Dates & Fees


  • Part 1: 11. – 14.06.2024 Berlin (Germany)
  • Part 2: 25. – 28.06.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)


  • Part 1: 03. – 06.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
  • Part 2: 09. – 12.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
4 + 4 Day(s)
EUR 9.200,00 / CHF 9.900,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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