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Emerging Leaders Development Programme

Much is expected of employees, functional experts and up-and-coming management talent, who are to assume additional leadership responsibility. In order to fulfil or even exceed these expectations, solid managerial skills and leadership competence are required. This three-part seminar-programme supports striving decision-makers in deepening their management and leadership skills and to further develop their ability. 12 days in total.
4 + 4 + 4 Day(s)
Individualised scheduling is possible


Knowledge and ability are bottlenecks for sustainable business success because the complexity of managerial challenges are increasing. This management development programme is tailored to employees who face their first position with management and results responsibility, or who are planned for such a position. The disciplines of integrated management, such as holistic thinking, strategic management, process design, principles of leadership and organisation, corporate culture, marketing, financial management, and leadership will be treated, and interactively reinforced based on practical examples.

Key Benefits

ELDP imparts and trains the principles and tools of results-oriented general management over a total of twelve days (individual modularized scheduling is available):

  • You will understand your contribution to the company’s success, and see how you can optimize it.
  • You will receive systematic knowledge about entrepreneurial leadership, and understand it thanks to critical thinking.
  • You will receive systematic knowledge about entrepreneurial leadership and thanks to critical thinking, understand how to correctly place managerial trends and accurately anticipate the consequences of your actions.n
  • You will take on your tasks with new impulse, more confidence, and in a comprehensive manner.
  • You will learn to critically evaluate and extend your existing managerial knowledge and to orient your thinking toward results.
  • You will quickly receive applicable methods and instruments for your own use.


  • Module 1: Personality, Self-Management and Leadership (4 days)
  • Module 2: Strategy in the Context of General Management (4 days)
  • Module 3: Financial Knowledge and Financial Management (4 days)

Target group

The Emerging Leaders Development Programme is aimed at:

  • Young managers, who already fill a managerial role and who should soon be up to it, in order to successfully take on the managerial task of the future
  • Key employees and specialists with central functions who need entrepreneurial understanding
  • Staff and experts who should move into a managerial role in the future and who should receive a holistic understanding of management
  • Employees who are being especially developed as high potentials
Excellent instructors. I will recommend the training.
Fernando SCHEPS, Holcim Group Services Ltd.
Very helpful. I learned a lot about myself which helps me to be a better leader and methods to lift up other people.
Jacqueline GOTTSCHALL, mgi management gmbh
Great seminar with great tools, reality check and
Jochen GUNKEL, J. Schmalz GmbH
Great, informative, interesting and useful. Well organized.
Youssef M. ALWAN, STAAR Surgical AG

Areas of Focus

Module 1: Personality, Self-Management and Leadership

Managing Oneself Successfully

  • Self and time management
  • Setting up a personal goal-time system
  • Making your own routines even more efficient
  • Optimal work techniques and organisation

Leadership Principles and Roles in Practice

  • Management task and understanding – factors of success in practice
  • Basics and psychology of managerial behaviour
  • What are the latest research results?
  • What concepts are relevant in reality?
  • Virtual team leadership: leading from a distance

Optimal Leadership Behaviour

  • What is my own leadership style?
  • Perception and self-perception
  • Situation-appropriate leadership
  • Starting-point of personal change behaviour

Leading with Goals: Cooperative Planning and Decision-Making

  • Why goals are so important
  • Observing employees and strength-oriented deployment
  • Confident decision-making and effective delegation

Effective Communication and Conflict Management

  • Giving useful feedback
  • Dealing successfully with conflicts
  • One’s own communication-toolbox for conflict
  • Social competence

Convincing Negotiation Techniques and Effective Meetings

  • The most important negotiating techniques and tactics
  • Strategies of successful negotiations
  • Chairing meetings time-efficiently toward a given goal
  • Preparing for and conducting telephone conferences

Successfully Leading Teams

  • Roles, phases, and necessity of teams
  • Motivation as a leadership task
  • The art of challenging people
  • Inspiring and results-oriented leadership on team-levels

Module 2: Strategy in the Context of General Management

General Management

  • Management as the profession of achieving results
  • Rethinking general management: relationships, actions, and attitudes
  • Complexity and complexity traps

Understanding One’s Own Contribution for Insuring the Company’s Overall Success

  • Corporate philosophy and values
  • Business objectives and defining results
  • Vision and mission

Strategic Management

  • The business model from the point of view of strategic considerations
  • The logic of strategic success
  • The process of strategic management
  • Instruments of strategic analysis
  • Generating strategic options
  • Successful strategy implementation with change and project management

Marketing and Market-Oriented Business Management

  • Putting customer benefit, satisfaction, and retention into the centre of successful marketing
  • Operative marketing and the marketing-mix: product, price, distribution, and communication
  • What are the new trends in marketing

Innovation and business development

  • Identifying, evaluating, and implementing new business opportunities
  • Examples of best practice

Module 3: Financial Knowledge and Financial Management

Financial Management in a Nutshell

  • An overview of financial connectors and instruments
  • Current challenges and trends in financial management
  • Setting goals and conflicts between goals: diverse approaches and perspectives of financial management

Finance and Business Accounting – Everything you have to know

  • The accounting contexts
  • The essential indicators for stating assets, financial, and earnings positions
  • The balance sheet and its reliability
  • Cost accounting systems

Planning, Budgeting, and Business Plans

  • Purpose and benefit of planning and budgeting
  • New trends in budgeting
  • Making successful business plans

Assessing Investments and Financing

  • Modern methods for capital budgeting
  • Planning and evaluating investments
  • Financing possibilties

The Importance of Liquidity

  • Liquidity and liquidity optimisation
  • Working capital as a balance sheet indicator
  • Reducing capital commitment

Value-oriented Business Management

  • Cash flow control
  • Approaches to the cost of capital
  • Recognizing the potential to raise value and profit
  • Company evaluation

Controlling and Cost Management

  • Indicator systems for cost management
  • Reliability of cost calculation instruments in practice
  • Break-even points and the problem of fixed expenses
  • Contribution margins


The entire programme is interactive. Based on numerous business problems, decision situations, and case studies, you will practise all the important facets of modern management, turn practical challenges into solutions, and examine their overall effects for their sustainability.

Dates and booking
Emerging Leaders Development Programme

Dates & Fees


  • Part 1: 11. – 14.06.2024 Cologne (Germany)
  • Part 2: 25. – 28.11.2024 Berlin (Germany)
  • Part 3: 09. – 12.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)


  • Part 1: 25. – 28.11.2024 Berlin (Germany)
  • Part 2: 03. – 06.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
  • Part 3: 09. – 12.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
4 + 4 + 4 Day(s)
EUR 10.600,00 / CHF 11.500,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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