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General Management for Emerging Leaders

Successful and results-oriented management requires business expertise, an understanding of central managerial relationships, and the competence, thanks to holistic thinking, to size up this consequences of one’s own actions. In this 9-day development programme, it is exactly these competences that will be practised using numerous practical examples, exercises and instruction on the subject.
5 + 4 Day(s)


Participants will be enabled to understand the most important aspects of management today. They will acquire the competence to tackle and effectively solve business problems – not only from the perspective of their own company, but also within their own area of responsibility and own department. Thus they will learn to understand the company as an integral unit.

Key Benefits

  • You will receive systematic knowledge about management and thanks to results-oriented thinking, understand how to correctly place managerial trends and accurately anticipate the consequences of your actions.
  • You will take on your tasks with new imputs, more confidence, and in a comprehensive manner.
  • You will learn to critically evaluate and extend your existing managerial knowledge, and to orient your thinking towards results.
  • You will quickly receive applicable methods and instruments for your own use.

Target group

General Management for Emerging Leaders is aimed at functional managers, specialists, and emerging leaders. It is especially intended for:

  • Functional managers and specialists, who need systematic instruction in general management
  • Key employees and specialists with central functions, who need entrepreneurial understanding
  • Employees who will move into a managerial position in the future and who should receive a holistic understanding of management

Areas of Focus

Context of general management

  • Management as the profession of achieving results
  • Relations and attitudes
  • Complexity and complexity traps

One’s Own Contribution to Overall Corporate Success

  • Corporate philosophy and values
  • Corporate goals and defining results
  • Vision and mission

Strategic Management

  • The business model as a starting point
  • The logic of strategic success
  • The process of strategic management
  • Instruments of strategic analysis
  • Generating strategic options
  • Successful strategy implementation with change and project management

Marketing and Market-Oriented Business Management

  • Putting customer benefit, satisfaction, and retention into the centre of successful marketing
  • Operative marketing and the marketing-mix: product, price, distribution, and communication
  • What are the new trends in marketing?
  • Innovation and business development
  • Identifying, evaluating, and implementing new businesses
  • Examples of best practice

Financial Management

  • The logic of financial success
  • Raising the firm’s value
  • Understanding key performance indicators and balance sheets
  • Cash and cash flow
  • Cost and overhead accounting
  • Making convincing business plans
  • Controlling - All you need to know

Managing Oneself Successfully

  • Self and time management
  • Making your own routines even more efficient
  • Optimal work techniques and organisation
  • Leadership personality and behaviour
  • Developing new leadership capabilities

Managing Others Successfully

  • Motivation theory and strategies
  • Leadership theories and styles
  • Social competence as a key factor
  • Communication strength and negotiation

Dates and booking
General Management for Emerging Leaders

Dates & Fees


  • Part 1: 10. – 14.06.2024 Berlin (Germany)
  • Part 2: 25. – 28.11.2024 Berlin (Germany)


  • Part 1: 16. – 20.09.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Part 2: 25. – 28.11.2024 Berlin (Germany)


  • Part 1: 02. – 06.12.2024 Munich (Germany)
  • Part 2: 2025
5 + 4 Day(s)
EUR 7.700,00 / CHF 8.300,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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