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Mini-MBA Programme

This programme presents cutting-edge management know-how and all appropriate tools for the professional manager. Pragmatic and results-oriented, the topics of leadership, strategy, marketing and financial management are apportioned to prepare you for higher management positions, developing your potential and allowing for your own specific contribution to the whole picture. 4 sessions in 16 days.
4 + 4 + 4 + 4 Day(s)
Individualised scheduling is possible


A management career involves a multitude of professional demands: whoever wants to pursue such a career must fulfil a range of requirements. The climb from line-management, High Potential or being a technical specialist up towards a general management position needs to be well prepared. In addition to a general understanding of all business aspects, what is additionally required is strategic thinking, customer focus, strong leadership and financial management. This is where our programme scores: it illuminates the manifold conditions, tasks, tools and skills of modern management from varying perspectives. Besides a holistic perspective and the technical know-how within the diverse areas covered, we introduce a wide scope of instruments for practical, everyday implementation within the four sessions.


The entire programme is interactive. Using numerous working assignments, decision-making situations and case studies, you are trained to cover all the important facets of modern management, transforming practice-related and relevant tasks into viable solutions whilst examining the overall impact on sustainability.
You get professional, pre-structured methods, checklists and tools that you can then use within your own companies.
This is all done with an interesting and distinct group of participants, which also provides numerous networking opportunities.

Key Benefits

Totalling 16 days, the Mini-MBA programme imparts current and pragmatic management know-how. The contents and tools train the skills of result-oriented management. Participants

  • gain systematic knowledge within the decisive disciplines of modern management and result-based leadership and deepen their existing management expertise
  • prepare themselves for extended, more sophisticated management activities and become aware of their own contribution to the success of the company
  • take part in an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as building up an interesting network, and can utilise this awareness for their daily management tasks
  • receive rapidly deployable methods and tools for their own use

Companies who send their employees on this programme, expand their pool of qualified candidates with whom leadership positions can be filled.


Module 1 – Leadership and professional skills (4 days)
Module 2 - Strategic management (4 days)
Module 3 - Marketing and market positioning (4 days)
Module 4 - Financial management and controlling (4 days)

The sequence of the modules may vary. You are free to change the order when you sign up with no extra cost.

Target group

The "Mini-MBA Programme" is aimed at:

  • Emerging leaders and junior executives
  • High potentials
  • Team leaders, project managers
  • Heads of department
  • Technical specialists: line managers, managerial staff, internal services
  • Project managers
  • Managers in sandwich positions
  • Management career-changers such as lawyers, engineers, chemists and educators
Full auf information. I was able to learn and absorb a lot that will be useful for the future.
N. V., Vodafone Group Services GmbH
I did see things I have never seen before – Thank you!
Stefan KÜNNEKE, Benteler Steel/Tube GmbH
The Course was excellent. I have enjoyed the interesting topics and the flexibility to personalize the content to the participants.
Dr. Andrea GIRALDO, Rolic Technologies Ltd.
Fresh – impressive – brings me further
Robert SODA-COTIC, Geze GmbH
… a good investment!
Learning and experiencing on a very high and pleasant level.
Walter van der GRAAF
Up to the point. My expectations were fulfilled. Especially the discussions within the team were excellent.
Ulrich ERMEL, TQ-Systems GmbH
Today I finished the Mini-MBA programme and I would absolutely recommend it to everybody who wants to improve with highly practical orientated seminars.
Very useful with many tools to use in company.
Angelo FERRARA, Holle baby food GmbH
Great instructors - professional and human.
N. N., Rolic Technologies Ltd.

Areas of Focus

Leadership Skills and Leadership

  • Govern yourself successfully
  • Management approaches and roles in practise
  • Optimal management behaviour
  • Goal-led leadership, collaborative planning and decision making
  • Esteem as the basis for good interpersonal communication
  • Strong negotiation and discussion techniques
  • Leading teams effectively
  • Dealing with conflicts successfully
  • Virtual team leadership: leading from a distance

Strategic Management in Practice

  • Advanced strategic management
  • Corporate philosophy and values
  • Strategic thinking
  • Strategic analysis instruments
  • Generating strategic options
  • Expressing strategies with precision
  • The implementation of strategy
  • Change management

Marketing and Market Positioning

  • Marketing overview
  • Analysing markets, learning from the competition
  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding, brands, corporate identity
  • E-Business and Social Media
  • Innovation management in practice
  • Determine the marketing mix
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales and marketing concepts
  • Using the Internet and Social Media successfully

Financial Management and Controlling

  • An overview of the financial management function
  • Financial and management accounting - everything you need to know
  • Planning, budgeting and business plans
  • Investment calculation and financing
  • The importance of liquidity
  • Value-based management
  • Cost management
  • Controlling

Dates and booking
Mini-MBA Programme

Dates & Fees


  • Part 1: 11. – 14.06.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Part 2: 13. – 16.08.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Part 3: 17. – 20.09.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Part 4: 09. – 12.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)


  • Part 1: 17. – 20.09.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Part 2: 25. – 28.11.2024 Berlin (Germany)
  • Part 3: 09. – 12.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
  • Part 4: 10. – 13.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
4 + 4 + 4 + 4 Day(s)
EUR 12.500,00 / CHF 13.500,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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