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Professional Sales, Marketing & Key Account Management

Sales and marketing are becoming increasingly important as a direct link to the market and to customers. We show you where resources with the greatest effect can be utilised and which concepts and tools are available regarding management theory and practice for sales, marketing and key account management. Three days.
3 Day(s)


Many markets are buyers’ markets. Competition is high; customers are discerning and demanding. Many companies do not distinguish themselves at the product level and are basically interchangeable. At the same time, markets are consolidating and customers are bundling their strengths to become even more powerful. Customers are taking advantage of the choices available and becoming more discerning. They are seeking commitment and connection. They want to be able to trust and wish for expertise and appreciation in return.
Good marketing employees and sales representatives embody these values but they have to be deployed properly and very dedicated. This is where the management and leadership aspects of sales management come into play. During the seminar the factors for successful business will be covered and discussed, along with how they can increase the effectiveness of your sales organisation.


We provide answers to the most important sales questions and show you which levers can be pulled in sales to increase customer loyalty and sales, as well as how the knowledge found in sales and marketing can be successfully enhanced.

Target group

  • Management, sales and marketing managers who not only wish to systematically review their sales strategies, and how they are implemented, but who are also searching for new ideas and inspiration.
  • Key account managers, product managers or people who are being trained for such a position and who wish to expand their knowledge and prospects in the area of sales.
  • Business managers and the heads of business units or profit centres, who wish to enhance the potential for their company that can be found in sales and marketing.

Areas of Focus

Modern sales management

  • Basic principles, rules of the game, and trends
  • Sales within the corporate management
  • Deriving the sales strategy from the corporate strategy
  • Effect and results of successful sales management

Building blocks for a successful sales strategy

  • Customer definition and value
  • Market segments and competition
  • Optimising distribution channels
  • New sales channels in B2B and B2C marketing

Sales management in practice

  • Skilfully design structures and processes
  • The importance of the sales organisation
  • Managing employees, developing a sales culture
  • Structure and remuneration for the sales organisation
  • Information systems and key figures for sales controlling
  • CRM, sales support and trade marketing
  • Practical examples

Expert key account management

  • Basic principles, needs, aims and organisation of KAM
  • Analyse the buying centre
  • Structure KAM specific to the company
  • Appropriate interaction with key customers
  • Requirements placed on key account managers

Leverage for more productivity in sales and marketing

  • Success factors for market cultivation
  • Success factors for improved sales processes
  • Success factors for stronger customer loyalty
  • Success factors in employee management
  • Managing and controlling sales activities

Dates and booking
Professional Sales, Marketing & Key Account Management

Dates & Fees


  • 27. – 29.11.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)
3 Day(s)
EUR 3.600,00 / CHF 3.900,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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