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The days of «make and sell» marketing are numbered. Customers have high expectations and need to be convinced. There are two important levers in sales, firstly the concepts from sales, distribution and key account management and secondly concepts from psychology, especially communication, negotiation and convincing skills. This two-part programme combines both perspectives to bring good sales results.

Target group

  • Executives and specialists from all areas who realise that ultimately only sales success counts and who are looking for effective tools and approaches to achieve such success
  • Key account managers, product managers or persons who are destined for such a position and who wish to train their knowledge and skills in sales, distribution and negotiation
  • Executives with sales, market or customer responsibility who are in search of the latest knowledge and stimuli for conducting negotiations in a professional way and successful distribution practices

Areas of Focus

Modern distribution management

  • The basics, rules of the game and trends
  • Sales within corporate management
  • Deriving the distribution strategy from the corporate strategy
  • The effect and results of successful sales management

The modules of a successful distribution strategy

  • Setting the basic course
  • Customer definitions and customer benefit
  • Market segmentation and competition
  • Optimising distribution channels
  • New distribution channels in B2B and B2C marketing

Distribution management in practice

  • Skilfully designing structures and processes
  • The importance of the distribution organisation
  • Management of staff, developing the culture in distribution
  • Providing information, designing information systems
  • Examples from practice

Skilful key account management

  • Fundamentals and criteria
  • Setting up key account management specific to the company
  • The proper handling of key accounts
  • Determining the development potential

Convincing communication

  • The psychology of human communication
  • How to apply argumentation techniques, how to overcome objections
  • The meaning of body language
  • Conducting conversations with an aim to finding a solution and without injury
  • Convincing with communication

The principles of successful negotiation

  • Knowing the principles of negotiation
  • The psychology of conducting effective negotiation
  • Knowing how to deal with objections
  • Convincingly applying techniques for acquiring business
  • Negotiation errors and negotiation aids

Dates and booking
Sales Excellence – sales and distribution training for executives

Dates & Fees


  • Part 1: 20. – 22.03.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Part 2: 17. – 19.06.2024 Frankfurt (Germany)


  • Part 1: 10. – 12.06.2024 Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Part 2: 17. – 19.06.2024 Frankfurt (Germany)


  • Part 1: 25. – 27.09.2024 Cologne (Germany)
  • Part 2: 27. – 29.11.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)


  • Part 1: 04. – 06.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
  • Part 2: 2025
3 + 3 Day(s)
EUR 6.600,00 / CHF 7.200,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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