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People Skills & Leadership

Leading employees is amongst the hardest managerial tasks, especially if one is exposed to a diverse jumble of expectations and desires from colleagues, employees, and superiors. Managerial competence is necessary and helpful; leadership ensures successful positioning for today and tomorrow’s managerial tasks. How managers can react both relaxed and effectively to continually growing challenges is what we demonstrate in this 4-day seminar.
4 Day(s)


There are vast amounts of research on leadership. This is surely because nobody can ever have enough leadership qualities, and the demands on these change depending on the challenge. In order to effectively lead, a solid and founded knowledge of results-oriented leadership and concrete training with this know-how is needed. This is because the development of leadership qualities should be met with the same amount of zeal as you demonstrate daily in other areas of your responsibility, such as strategy, marketing, or financial management, but which cannot be put on the back burner. Only if your colleagues, employees and superiors have enough trust in your leadership competence, can you expect respect and allegiance. The manner and way in which you deal with yourself and other people and what response you then elicit ultimately defines the efficacy and efficiency of your leadership role. Leadership means mutual inspiration and motivation. These aspects will be practised during the seminar.

Target group

This seminar is aimed at managers, experienced individuals, functional specialists, project and team managers from all levels and domains who want to experience:

  • How they can deal with expectations and desire of their colleagues, employees, and superiors
  • How they can successfully manage themselves, and thus lay the foundation for successful employee management
  • What the essential elements of effective leadership are
  • Which managerial instruments improve their competencies as a manager
  • How they can stay on track towards the harmonious balance between private and professional life
I am inspired! That explains everything.
Martin DOBIAS, CN Group CZ s.r.o.
The program was great!
Zhanna SIKORA, Gentherm Ukraine LLC
Speed was high. Exhausting. Best training ever!
N. N., Pall GmbH
Great course! I learend a lot! Looking forward to applying the learnings.
Dr. Martin RHIEL, ESBATech a Novartis company LLC
Thank you for broadening my scope!
N. N., Kalms & Partner Consulting
Great mix of theory and praxis, good atmosphere and high motivated trainers.
Heiko KROTT, SYRACOM Consulting AG
Exceptionally great! Extremely helpful! Wonderful trainer!
NN, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
Best seminar I ever had. A lot of new ideas. I am eager to try in my business environment.
P. F., Emscher Lippe Energie GmbH
Very helpful and inspiring.
Simone FABRY, AstraZeneca GmbH
Very helpful and giving me new insights.
O. G., Sterling Fluid Systems Holding GmbH) Very inspirational. Great trainers. Many thanks“ (A. P., Carlsberg Supply Company AG
Very useful & insightful exercises, excellent personal coaching/ feedback.
N. N.
It was a pleasure to attend this course. Meet fully and even exceeded any expectations.
Ana STEVOSKA, Sunrise Communications AG
Effective, precise!
M. Z., mgi management gmbh
I enjoyed a lot the seminar. The trainer is an excellent professional and she gave me very thankful insights about my leadership style.
Dr. A. T, Shire Switzerland GmbH
Empowering, delivering, challenging - thanks !
F. U., LeasePlan Supply Services AG

Areas of Focus

What does it mean to lead on a daily basis?

  • Leading means communicating
  • Styles of learning and learning organisations
  • Empathy and knowing people
  • Power and power games

Myself as Leader: Roles and Styles

  • What is important to me?
  • Knowing and fulfilling the different roles
  • Situation-appropriate management
  • Self and time management
  • Personality counts! – Your role in the company

Selecting, Including, and Developing Employees

  • Strategic personal marketing
  • Sustainable incentive systems
  • Delegating and providing feedback

Team Development

  • Roles, phases, and necessities of teams
  • Adroit team composition
  • The art of challenging people
  • Inspiring and results-oriented leadership at team levels
  • Virtual team leadership: leading from a distance

Leading with Goals, Cooperative Planning and Decision-Making

  • Why goals are so important
  • Observing employees and strength-oriented deployment
  • Confident decision-making and effective delegation

Motivation and Trust

  • Nothing works without trust!
  • Motivation as a manager’s job
  • The importance of past history

Communication and Conflict Management

  • Leading with discussions
  • Overcoming difficult situations and conflicts communicatively
  • Successful coaching


  • Successful leadership
  • Lead, challenge, coach – management as performance coaching
  • Managing complexity and change

Dates and booking
People Skills & Leadership

Dates & Fees




  • 25. – 28.11.2024 Berlin (Germany)
4 Day(s)
EUR 4.200,00 / CHF 4.500,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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