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Communication & Negotiation Training

Negotiation and communication is often conducted by “gut feeling” without proper planning and without any strategy. Even after the discussion, hardly any thought is given as to how one achieved one’s goals - or possibly didn’t achieve them. Being unprepared means throwing money out of the window. Know the feeling? This can be avoided. In 3 days, we will show you solid and real-life approaches to stronger negotiation and communication skills.
3 Day(s)


Leaders lead by what they say. Yet, at the same time, they are measured by what they achieve. This is often the result of negotiations or is based on communication. Therefore, communication and negotiation count as key skills for managers, and they should be constantly working to improve them.

The training is characterized by intensive interaction and role-playing of everyday situations in professional and private life and thrives on the willingness of each participant to get involved on a personal level. Lectures, discussions, case studies, role-playing and group work are among the training methods employed, with ongoing personal feedback for all participants.

Key Benefits

  • You strengthen your communication skills and improve your ability to persuade and mediate
  • You expand your skill sets in order to communicate clearly and convincingly according to each situation
  • You hone your negotiation skills to bring about win-win results
  • You practice how to convincingly use the appropriate negotiation and closing techniques according to each situation
  • You learn how to assert yourself in different negotiation and communication situations and how to deal with conflict in a solution-oriented manner

Target group

  • Managers who want to review and improve their repertoire of communication and negotiation skills
  • Leaders who want to hone their communicative impact in important situations, such as staff meetings, conflicts, sales and negotiations
  • (Top-) managers whose measure of success depends on negotiations
Intense and very interesting course. I will use everything in my job.
Very good and well explained.
A. B, SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG
Very complete and suited my needs to improve my communication skills.
N. N., ABB Management Services Ltd.
G. A., Roche Glycart
An excellent balance between practical exercises, methodologies and personal advice. Overall a great experience.
Well-structured and very individual.
N. N., Varo Energy Marketing AG
Very interactive, useful discussions, with highly competent instructors.
Tina DANNEMANN PURNAT, World Health Organization
The course was useful as it made me aware of how to develop my skills in communication and relationships.
D. S., Skyepharma AG
Very useful, this has been an eye-opening training.
Edgar VALENZUELA, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd
Very helpful.
N. N., Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Provides a new reality/ mirror.
W. J., ING DiBa
I wish that the training course could continue 1 or 2 days longer. I enjoyed it very much. I am inspired.
Dr. Japar SHAMSHIEV, Delenex Therapeutics AG
Great training. Learned a lot about myself and the subject matter.
D. D., Glencore plc
Good coaches. Enjoyed the conversations and feedbacks.
NN, ALSTOM (Switzerland) Ltd
Very good. Pushing the participants out of the comfort zone!
Ph.D Frank THOMSEN, DHI Hørsholm - Head Office
Thanks - It took me out of my comfort zone couple of times.
F. U., LeasePlan Supply Services AG

Areas of Focus

The importance of Communication in Daily Leadership

  • The psychology of human communication
  • How to apply reasoning techniques and how to overcome objections
  • The importance of body language
  • How to win others over through communication
  • Special areas of communication in everyday management: employee interviews, salary negotiations and mediation

Leading conflict negotiations productively

  • Conflict resolution as a managerial task
  • Perception and interpretation in difficult situations
  • The importance of precedents
  • The stages of conflict development
  • Strategies for conflict resolution
  • Conflicts in groups

Leading and Concluding Negotiations Successfully

  • Understanding the principles of negotiation
  • The psychology of effective negotiation
  • Picking the right strategy
  • Little is achieved without preparation
  • Dealing skillfully with objections
  • Applying closing techniques convincingly
  • Negotiation mistakes and how to overcome them

Dates and booking
Communication & Negotiation Training

Dates & Fees


  • 10. – 12.06.2024 Frankfurt (Germany)


  • 25. – 27.09.2024 Cologne (Germany)


  • 04. – 06.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
3 Day(s)
EUR 3.600,00 / CHF 3.900,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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