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Problem Solving & Decision-Making for Managers

Executives are characterised by sound judgement, the ability to solve problems and an eagerness to take decisions.
In this 3-day intensive seminar you can learn how to take effective and appropriate decisions, even in critical situations, and how to optimise your decision-making behaviour when uncertain.
3 Day(s)


Every day you are confronted with situations that require you to take decisions and challenge your ability to reach sound judgements. Every day you take hundreds of decisions in passing and without thinking. This usually intuitive approach reaches its limits when decisions of major importance have to be taken with a high degree of complexity and risk, or under great time pressure.

But how do people behave under massive pressure to reach a decision? How do larger teams and organisations react? How can executives take sound decisions, even in time-critical and complex situations and how can they minimise risk? When are prompt decisions required and when does thoroughness come before speed?

Only the correct assessment of a situation or a set of facts, the generation of meaningful alternatives and the willingness to take logical decisions can form a basis for result-oriented action. Ultimately, it is decisions that move enterprises, safeguard jobs and advance your own career. So training and honing your own ability to make sound judgements and your own decision behaviour is of paramount importance.
We will show you how to do this.


  • You will strengthen your powers of judgement and learn to identify situations that require decisions to be taken
  • You will expand your toolbox for competent solutions and the generation of creative alternatives
  • You will learn to weigh up the possible consequences of decisions
  • You will strengthen your ability to take decisions and can act as a driving force for change, as every change is preceded by a decision.
  • You will learn to communicate decisions and put them into practice

Target group

This seminar is designed for all managers who wish to learn how they can optimise their decision behaviour, expand their toolbox for solving problems and develop their powers of judgement.
It addresses specialists and executives from all business units and all levels of the hierarchy who understand that decision-making is increasingly becoming a key qualification in an ever more complex environment and is essential for sustainable leadership and business success.


The combination of values, creativity, structure and intuition is great to find a proper decision with the knowledge of options and risks! The training is brilliant and helpful.
A. S., BENTELER Distribution Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG
Great experience! Thank you!
N. N., UPS
A good course with good practical exercises.
Original, well structured, useful.
Julio Cesar ORTEGA CANALES, Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH)

Areas of Focus

Powers of judgement and courage in taking decisions as a mark of decisiveness

  • Thinking and taking decisions: powers of judgement and results as goals
  • Mental models: How our idea of the way the world works strengthens or hinders our judgement
  • Self-reflection – analysing one's own decision behaviour
  • Reason and intuition: How to use them properly

Understanding decision-making situations, recognising the need for decisions

  • Classical decision triggers for executives
  • Setting priorities, identifying stakeholders
  • Formulating the question
  • The importance of targets
  • Decision criteria
  • Also using creativity to reach decisions

Analysing problems, finding alternative solutions

  • Presenting problems precisely
  • Asking the right questions, structuring the problem
  • Collecting relevant information
  • Creative solution methods

Taking decisions

  • Decision methods and evaluation criteria
  • Decisions in the case of risk, decisions in the case of complexity
  • Increasing decision-making efficiency
  • Classical cases where decisions are required and how to handle them

Putting decisions into practice

  • Communicating decisions and making them comprehensible
  • Accepting responsibility
  • The importance of communication and motivation
  • Mastering setbacks
  • Controlling the consequences of decisions
  • Handling conflicts of objectives

Dates and booking
Problem Solving & Decision-Making for Managers

Dates & Fees


  • 12. – 14.06.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)


  • 13. – 15.11.2024 Frankfurt (Germany)
3 Day(s)
EUR 3.600,00 / CHF 3.900,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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