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Margins are disappearing and markets are saturated – many experienced managers and executives recognise this situation. With traditional strategy tools it’s difficult to move ahead, one needs new concepts and impulses to reach the potential of your company, products and employees and direct it towards strategic goals.

Target group

This management training addresses performance-oriented and experienced managers of all levels, who want to:

  • update their strategic management know how and get ideas on how to deal with strategic challenges
  • enhance their competence in strategic management, work on their strategic intuition and the strategic positioning of their organisation
  • become successful in business development
  • understand and take advantage of the connection between strategy, business development and innovation
  • acquire inputs and tools for successful strategy implementation
Captivating, motivating, very useful.
Carine PERRIN, Max Holder GmbH

Areas of Focus

Results and Strategic Management

  • The business model as starting point for successful strategy development
  • The most important strategic tools
  • From analysis to strategy – the right processes and concepts
  • Pragmatic business development and innovation management
  • Change Management and successful strategy execution

Market-Driven Strategies

  • From customer proximity to profitability
  • Solving unsolved customer problems, creating new customer benefits
  • Taking advantage of the existing client base
  • Strategies based on customer relationships und loyalty

Market-Driving Strategies

  • Questioning established strategic approaches in order to develop revolutionary strategies
  • Taking advantage of hidden assets, utilizing unused business capacity
  • Growth by diversification, growth by multiplication
  • Using the brand as basis for successful growth strategies
  • Growth though cross linking and external partners

Business Development and Innovation

  • Business-model, innovation and methodical new business development
  • Growth-accelerating business models
  • Setting priorities for new business ideas
  • Successful market expansion into new countries
  • Best practices in business development

Change Management and Strategy Implementation

  • What are the goals of change management?
  • Why is change so important for strategic management?
  • Anchoring a positive attitude towards change on your organisation
  • Why do change projects fail?
  • The key ingredients for successful change management

Dates and booking
Advanced Strategy - Growth Strategies & Business Development

Dates & Fees


  • 03. – 05.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
3 Day(s)
EUR 3.600,00 / CHF 3.900,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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