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The influence of strategy on business success is undisputed; there cannot be too much strategic competence in today’s dynamic environment. The smart answers to strategic questions and challenges are necessary for survival, future success and the ability to differentiate oneself clearly from the competition.

At the same time, strategies give guidance and help to make decisions in concrete situations. In order for this to be reality, participants in this strategy seminar receive practical guidance for professional strategy development and learn to successfully implement those strategies within the company. Then, and only then, can ideas and visions be turned into intented results.

Target group

This 4-day seminar is aimed at managers at all levels. This means executives, entrepreneurs, department heads, along with specialists and experts without management responsibility with corresponding background experience.
It is also appropriate for emerging managers who should acquire a modern grasp of strategy for future responsibilities.


The seminar was great filled with relevant content and providing attendees with useful tools that can be used in everyday business. The lecturer was extremely knowledgeable and shared his experience and gave real-life examples that you could relate to easily
N. V., Vodafone Group Services GmbH
Excellent – outperformed expectations!
N. N.
Business strategy from its basics to the future outlook with multiple lively examples. To be recommended!
T. O., Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH
Very interesting and a lot of case studies and practical examples were used which made the concept very applicable and clear. Overall a very good course.
N. N., Participatie Maatschappij Graafschap Holland N.V.
Very inspiring, a good overview about tools & strategy approaches.
Helmut HUBER, Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
An interesting overview of strategy with its tools.
Julien MARILLER, Holcim Group Services Ltd
The course was fulfilling my expectations regarding the tools and the content. Very dynamic session. I strongly recommend this course for managers.
I have enjoyed the course more than expected. I will apply tools and other lessons learned.
Dr. Andrea GIRALDO, Rolic Technologies Ltd.
Very good, continue like that.
Dr. A. S., Alpiq AG
The course was great esp. since it is a blend of theoretical and practical learning and the instructors were very friendly. Knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you.
Y. A. STAAR Surgical AG
Very interesting to me and also gave a lot of tools that can be used in daily work-life.
Good foundation and provide insight into how to apply it conceptually.
Dr. Jonas GRIMHEDEN, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
Excellent event to crosscheck your company's management tools and get ideas for updates and adjustments.
Dipl-Ing. (FH) Karl ZIMMERMANN, Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Again very interesting with tools of practical information, which I will use in my job.
Angelo FERRARA, Holle baby food GmbH
Strategic Management is not only theory anymore.
Dr. Adina TOCOIAN, Shire Switzerland GmbH
I really like to work together on the case to use the learned material.
N. N., ADM Germany GmbH

Areas of Focus

Modern Strategic Management

The strategy of a business is much too important as for it to disappear as a plan into a drawer. We demonstrate the causal mechanisms and contexts, always with the awareness that even the best strategies have only a limited lifetime:

  • Relation between vision, concept and strategy
  • Why strategy is so often misunderstood
  • Varieties of strategy development
  • Sensible strategy processes

Strategic Analysis – Establishing the Need for Action

Adept strategic analysis creates transparency, permits a concrete discussion of the current situation, and reveals the first strategic options:

  • The view of neighbouring systems: environment, customers, and competitive analysis
  • Looking inward – core competences and resources
  • Sensible tools for analysis from experience
  • How to demonstrate the need for action and course corrections

Shaping the Future – Developing Strategic Options

Based on rigorous analysis of the initial situation, strategic options can be conceived to also foster success into the future:

  • Why thinking in terms of options is so important
  • How to devise strategic options
  • Why employees should be included
  • What differentiates good strategic options from utopian ideas
  • Checking plausibility to avoid dangerous mistakes

Formulating Promising Strategies

The demands on formulating strategy are diverse. We show what reality says about the most important instruments of strategy formulation:

  • Requirements for promising strategic formulas
  • Methods and instruments for formulating strategies
  • Translating strategic plans into budgets and objectives
  • Best practices and exemplary cases

Implementation and Strategy Realisation

Without successful implementation every strategy will evaporate. We show how strategies can be implemented and monitored:

  • Self within the implementation process
  • Promising change management
  • Strategic controlling

Dates and booking
Excellence in Strategic Management

Dates & Fees


  • 11. – 14.06.2024 Cologne (Germany)


  • 17. – 20.09.2024 Zurich (Switzerland)


  • 03. – 06.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
4 Day(s)
EUR 4.600,00 / CHF 4.900,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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