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Strategic Management Programme

Strategic plans and measures for change are essential for sustained success. They are implemented and communicated via effective leadership and effective change management. In our 8-day strategy programme, we will show you how you can achieve competitive advantages for your business in an integrated and practical way.
4 + 4 Day(s)
Individualised scheduling is possible


Strategy and leadership are two sides of the same coin - inseparably connected with each other. In strategic management - when properly understood - they are closely interlinked and form the basis for strategic success. Strategy paves the way and teaches you to do the right thing, while leadership deals with objections and ensures that the right things are done properly.

We first present the central aspects of strategic management in this two-part programme. Then we focus on leadership and change management so that you appreciate what constitutes the most sustainable and difficult-to-copy competitive advantage, namely dedicated and motivated staff.

Key Benefits

The “Strategic Management Programme” offers cutting-edge and practical knowledge for results-based strategic management. During the programme, you will deal with the core issues of successful management: strategy and implementation. It is all about the lasting and difficult-to-copy competitive advantage that comes as a result of strategic competence, authentic leadership and flexibility. Make yourself and your company fit for the increasingly competitive global marketplace.


Module 1: Strategic Management (4 days)
In this seminar, you will receive the practical strategy expertise and impetus to seize strategic opportunities.
Module 2: Leadership, Change Management and Implementation (4 days)
Tasks and tools for successful change management and skillful implementation.

Target group

  • Managers with many years of practical experience who want to learn about the latest findings in strategic management
  • Executives who want to obtain new impetus for their current strategic challenges and who want to implement this knowledge effectively with their employees
  • Ambitious executives and practitioners who critically question their existing strategic know-how and want to expand upon it
  • Managers who are faced with taking on a position with strategic responsibilities or who have recently taken such responsibilities on
  • In-house consultants and employees from departments that need to look to the future. For example, business development, marketing and innovation management.

Areas of Focus

Strategy and Securing the Future

  • The relationship between vision, mission and strategy
  • Why strategy is so often misunderstood
  • Varieties of strategy development
  • Sensible strategy processes

Strategic Analysis - Identifying the Need for Action

  • A look at neighbouring systems: environmental, customer and competitor analysis
  • The inside view - core competencies and resources
  • Useful analysis tools from practical experience
  • How to identify the need for action and course corrections

Shaping the Future - Development of Strategy Options

  • Why thinking in terms of options is so important
  • How to design policy options
  • Why the employees have to be involved
  • What differentiates good strategy options from utopian plans
  • Plausibility checks to avoid dangerous mistakes

Promising Strategy Formulation

  • Requirements for successful strategy formulation
  • Methods and tools for strategy formulation
  • Applying strategic plans to budgets and targets
  • Best practices and case studies

Structures and Implementation

  • Strategy, structure, culture: the relationship
  • The pros and cons of modern organisational structures
  • Why structures are so difficult to change
  • Structures as a means to an end

Your Own Role in the Implementation Process

  • Your own responsibility and role in the implementation of changes
  • The nature of your leadership during the implementation of changes
  • Soft skills as a key factor
  • Communication during change processes
  • Work-life balance in stressful situations, such as change

Change Management and Leadership

  • What triggers change and what are the opportunities?
  • Only goal-oriented change management can be successful
  • Change concepts in practice: from reorganization and transformation to a learning organization
  • Factors for successful change management
  • How implementation expertise takes shape
  • Virtual team leadership: leading from a distance

Psychology of Change

  • Basic patterns of change and experiencing change
  • Clear communication of goals, involvement of top management
  • Stakeholder participation, helping you to help yourself
  • Guarantee success!
  • A goal-oriented approach to dealing with conflict, bringing key people on board
  • Managing active and passive objectors successfully

Dates and booking
Strategic Management Programme

Dates & Fees


  • Part 1: 11. – 14.06.2024 Cologne (Germany)
  • Part 2: 23. – 26.07.2024 Berlin (Germany)


  • Part 1: 24. – 27.09.2024 Boston (USA)
  • Part 2: 03. – 06.12.2024 Berlin (Germany)
4 + 4 Day(s)
EUR 8.200,00 / CHF 8.800,00 plus VAT, travel, catering and accommodation

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